Harry Potter esta noche!

Going with the roommates to see Harry Potter 7, part 2 tonight at the Multicine in Zona Sur, and I could not be more excited! It’s gonna be EPIC :) I hope people here dress up in Harry Potter garb like they do in the states – we’ll see :)

In other news, I registered for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon this morning (I just think it’s too much to train for the full while I’m in Bolivia, and when I’m back at the books in September)! I also tried a ZonZon yesterday, which is this indigenous food that kind of looks like a fat pancake and is made of flour, cheese, corn, and some other things I couldn’t identify. When I pointed to the menu and asked the girls at the museum what a ZonZon was, they told me that apart from being this food, the word also means ‘silly.’ When I heard that, I knew I had to try it :) Overall verdict: mediocre.

I’ve also finished digitizing all of our media records from March and April of this year in the last two days, so I’m at a great pace with the archive! It’s also been very beautiful (& actually kind of warm) outside today, which has put me in such a great mood! I wish everyone back at home an equally sunshiney day, and lots & lots of hugs from me to you!


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