back in the saddle

This weekend was kind of boring, very restful, and overall a well-needed breather from the hectic work-week I just finished. I was able to get in a couple of runs (albeit short ones), and made it out to the Prado on Saturday morning to catch the Entrada, a day-long celebration with dance groups from all of the universities and high schools (colegios) in the area. They wear extremely vibrant & colorful costumes and perform their choreographed ensembles in the streets. It was so beautiful! I grabbed a juice bag (they don’t have juice boxes here…cardboard is too expensive), watched for a while, & finished up my souvenier shopping for the trip.

One roommate had a flight back to the states on Sunday evening, so with her departure, we’re now down to three. It’s a little weird with the size of our group dwindling, but at least all of us are here until the end & nobody really has to be alone!

Last night, we went to the shopping center in the Zona Sur intending to see ‘Captain America’ at the theater, but the only non-dubbed version that was showing was also in 3D, which is much more expensive. So we decided to check out the bowling alley on the upper floor and decided on that instead. Like super gringos, we ate Burger King and then took to the pins. Afterward we went home to watch Toy Story before going to bed. Super American evening, but it was kind of nice :)

Today I’m back in the saddle again – at work and dealing with the problems I had to put on pause for the weekend. I’m having a mini issue with the records – they’ll export to Microsoft Excel correctly, but won’t import back to FMP from it. Either I’m able to move a few things around, or I have to manually fix every error in the database before I can move onto security protocols. I read up on some of the FileMaker Pro security instructions yesterday afternoon on my day off, but have a lot more to familiarize myself with before I make any provisions a part of the database.

If I have time today (and once I fix the above problem), I’m going to have to manually enter in the digitized photographs one by one into their records, because Microsoft Excel can’t handle container-type fields like video, pictures, or sound files. I’m re-establishing them since the first version of the database has a problem with serial number assignment that I can’t figure out how to fix. Should be easy enough though, since the digitized articles all have serial numbers that match their FMP ones. I’d also like to re-create records for the 70ish articles whose information was lost to computational abyss a few weeks back. I’m on a mission to get lots done today, so hopefully I’m able to tackle a lot of my week’s list of goals before the work day ends!



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