Happy Birthday MNA!

Today is the 45th (official) Anniversary of the Museo Nacional de Arte (apparently there were 6 years of clandestine existence before that), & I’m currently attacking a giant piece of MNA’s birthday cake in celebration. Feliz cumple, museo!

In other news, my work schedule is crazy this week, as our evenings are packed with events almost every single night this week at MNA. Because it’s the national museum, there are events all the time, and they’re usually sponsored by myriad organizations and groups, so I’ve been able to see an impressive variety of cultural performances and exhibit openings. Sometimes, we even go to other museums to support the openings of their exhibits – which is something I really value! Institutional collaboration is really important because it gives both places more resources than they would have had on their own. Plus, it’s nice to go and see new exhibits. Viewing and discussing work that isn’t our own keeps us engaged in a dialogue about art, which (I think) keeps us on our game :)

Yesterday a few of us from the museum trekked over to the Museo Etnología y Folklore (Musef) for their opening of a temporary exhibit on South American comic artists. I was really excited about it, but it was actually a very dark and twisted exhibit; most of the artists’ works were concentrated on horror-esque illustration, and some had clearly been directly influenced by Japanese manga – so I didn’t sense a whole lot of originality. But it’s also very possible that I just didn’t completely understand it all of it. Humor negro in La Paz occassionally goes way over my head.

Tonight MNA has an opening for a temporary exhibit on Panoramic photography from Ecuador. I actually just got back from lunch at an Italian restaurant with 3 people I work with, and on our way to the office, we stopped into the sala (exhibition room) to see it being installed. It’s a teeny exhibit, but it’s really neat!

On Friday we’ll top off the week with ‘Serenata a Bolivia‘ a concert at MNA that starts around 8pm. It’s an early celebration of 6 de Agosto (Bolivia’s Independence Day), which is technically this Saturday. 2011 marks 186 years of Bolivia’s independence! There are flags and banners all over the city, and it should make for an exciting weekend!

Serenata a Bolivia

MNA Flyer for 'Serenata a Bolivia': an Independence Day Celebration

Also, best wishes to my brother who leaves home to start his first year of college at Central Michigan University pretty soon, and to my awesome parents, who never do anything for themselves, but have finally decided to plan a trip to see the Grand Canyon at the end of the summer! Mom, Dad, Matt (& Kelsey) – big thanks for supporting me on my adventure to Bolivia. I hope you have lots of fun & make tons of memories in your ventures too!


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