instalación de las disposiciones de seguridad

This morning I forgot the folder of work that I brought home to work on this weekend, so instead of entering in the data I wrote out for the research & user guides over the past few days, I’m putting that off for now, and am finishing with security provisions instead. I have decided on 4 levels of security, and have assigned passwords to 3 of those (by default the minimum level of use – ‘guest’ status, cannot require a password).

Since there are only PC’s in the museums, I was trying to find an equivalent or close second to Mac’s software Notational Velocity. I thought adding links to the guides, writing out where various files are stored on my comptuer, adding web resources for aid with FMP, and storing embedded passwords would be a good idea for MNA (even though it decreases the security a little bit – this I am aware of). However, I haven’t had much luck finding anything that’s quite the same. If anybody has software suggestions though (preferably free), let me know!

Once this is all completed, I’ll be able to focus on continuing to digitize records & can start to teach the system to my supervisor (he wasn’t available on Sunday liked we’d planned). The guides still need to be finished and revised, then translated to Spanish. However, I might send them to my contacts at the Embassy in the Cultural Affairs sector & see if a more proper translation can be made. If not, though – MNA is gonna have to rely on little ‘ol me  :)

Ooh, also! This weekend I’m going on my first trip: to head to the Salar de Uyuni for a few days. It’s about a 12 hr. bus ride from La Paz, and I’ve heard the most amazing things about how beautiful (y frio también) it is! Uyuni, the area that the salt flats are in, had a terrible storm this past weekend and a lot of the roads are iced over, so we won’t be able to go on the full tour like we’d hoped, but we’re still planning to go from Friday evening-Monday morning. 24 hours of that will be spent in a bus (ugh..), but I’m still excited. Since we’ll be up another few thousands feet in the mountains, and thus, also closer to the sun, I’ve been informed to bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen to block my über white piel (skin) from the UV rays. Even though it’s sunny, it’s supposed to be sooo cold! It’s about -20 to -30 in the mornings and at night. Yipes! I’m sure it will make for good stories though!

Also: they’re from over a month ago, but here’s a couple photos:

Pictured are (from left to right) Carys, Len, Jimmy, me, and Julia.

With the other U.S. Interns, watching a semi-finals game for the Copa America at a restaurant before the premiere of Harry Potter!

Besos y abrazos a todos! Hasta el 18 de Agosto :)


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