Wrapping up the week

Eeek! It’s already 8:20pm on Thursday night & I still have so much to do (I’m still at work, actually)! Because I’ve been so frantic about how much work that’s left to do, I’ve actually been powering through a lot of things & have gotten tons done (whew)!

I’ve finished administering security passwords and provisions to the four different accounts I’ve created. I’ve also mentioned (for the umpteenth time) that a back-up hard drive would make me feel a lot more secure with the work I’ve done. Thanks to Scott’s software recommendations, I was able to stow away security information in a few places (just in case), and send copies of everything to a new email I established for MNA – specifically for archives & library purposes (which I think will be really handy someday).Yesterday and today I spent most of my time formatting and editing the guides I wrote in English (one for help with research and the various symbols necessary to craft a good search with FMP; the other for data entry/deletion, interface design/database management, and security). I’ve already translated the former into Spanish, and have had two MNA employees revise it. So I feel okay about it’s current condition.

The other guide, however, is much longer, and much more complex. I hope to work on translating that one tomorrow, and will hopefully be able to finish most of it, but it’s going to be extremely difficult. Anything I don’t complete, I plan to work on from home on Monday (when the museum is closed)- because both Tuesday & my half day Wednesday need to be devoted to teaching everything to Oscar. He hasn’t had time this week to spend one-on-one with me because our Chief Administrator is on vacation this entire week: the entire administrative staff has had to take on more than just their own job to make up for her absence.

It’s crazy that I’m only here for another 6 days! This weekend my roommates and I are finally going to Salar de Uyuni! We leave tomorrow around 7pm, and will arrive around 6am on Saturday morning. We’re spending 2 full days on the salt flats, and will be back home Monday morning :)

I’ll spend next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working as fast and efficiently as possible, and then around lunchtime on Wednesday, I’m all done at MNA! I’m gonna head home to do a last load of laundry, and pack up! From 6-9pm the Embassy is holding a goodbye dinner for Carys, Jimmy, and myself – the last remaining U.S. interns in Bolivia. So we’re going to the cliché American restaurant ‘Factory’ in the Zona Sur’s MegaCenter to enjoy some dinner & mingle before saying our final goodbyes. I’ll leave for the airport around 3:30 a.m., and be home around midnight next Thursday!

It’s really weird to think about being back in Michigan because I’ve become so acclimated to the culture here in Bolivia, but do I miss everybody a lot. I’m a little sad to leave the museum, but will be forever grateful for the experience & opportunity they afforded me!

Will update once more next week. I look forward to seeing everybody back home & thank all who faithfully followed my adventures on the blogosphere over the past few months (can’t wait to hear all of your summer stories in person really soon!)



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