ART.SY is an emerging website that aims to establish and continue working on what they call the Art Genome Project. They’ve indexed art from major museums in over 150 categories that allow for personal collectors and avid art enthusiasts to curate their account to follow specific movements, collections, and artists.

They just released a beta version of their collection to be reviewed and tested by a very small group of people, and my proposal was just accepted today! (best day ever!) I’m unbelievably excited about this, and have been since I first read about the concept a little over a year ago. It would be so cool to work for From a usability and web design perspective, and from an art criticism and appreciation perspective, this just has so much potential. The fine arts market prides itself on exclusivity and often abhors the mass market, but in the digital age it’s nearly impossible to ignore the possibilities offered by net searching and social networking within niche communities. It will be ineresting to see what unfolds with – it could change not only the representation of art, but movements, mediums, and art theories themselves! With global entreprenurial giants like Pandora’s CEO Joe Kennedy, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, and Larry Gagosian backing the project, it will definitely make a big impact.

I’ve searched for at least 20 of my favorite artists so far that aren’t yet included on the site, but there is so much there! For Nan Goldin & Gerhard Richter I got special search retrieval message that said ‘they’re not here yet, but here are some similar works.’ “yet” – that means they’re work on it!!

Now would probably be a good time for either Sotheby’s or Christie’s to partner with them, because they’d absolutely take over the international art auction market. Just sayin’.



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