Breaking News: Interning at the Guggenheim

Very recently I found out that I’ve been selected for an internship at the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum in NYC over Spring Break. I’ll be working full-time for the week aiding archival development, digitization, and metadata creation!! Maybe I’ll even get to work with Spanish/Italian records!! I’M SO EXCITED!

I’m also stoked for the potential (fingers crossed) to participate in the General Assembly career fair on March 3.

Other museums/exhibitions of note that I am anxious waiting to see/salivate over in all my art nerd glory include:

1.) Mike Kelly Project for the Whitney Biennial

2.) Cindy Sherman retrospective at the MoMA

3.) Bellini at the MET – *never thought I’d miss the Renaissance much, but I haven’t seen a major Bellini collection since the Rome’s Galleria Borghese circa 2008…I’m excited!

4.) Being Singular Plural at the Guggenheim – *I love the concept. I think it will be fascinating, moving, and memorable :)

5.) The Ungovernables at the New Museum

6.) Make Art (in) Public at the Children’s Museum of the Arts – *I’m really interested to see how artists like Jean-Claude, Christo, and Haring are framed for younger audiences, and how well kids receive street art and public installation projects. Will be great visitor experience research! Plus, I have 5-year old level excitement about the things I love anyway, so I’ll probably fit right in :)

I plan to visit everything fo’ free!!
I plan to take full advantage of the free-museum time/day breakdowns delivered so nicely by aGogh (formerly known as The site also has a friendly, well-organized UX interface to boot! holla!


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