Highly Visible Resources for Visitors with Disabilities

Short post, but worth pointing out:

A case study of a good example for highly accessible, visible, and legitimately helpful resources for visitors with disabilities is front-and-center in the Museum of Modern Art’s web presence. Double high-five, MoMA!

This is so important, and I commend them on implementing a variety of resources that can make the museum a more fun, rewarding, educational, and memorable experience for patrons of all types, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and abilities!

The only thing that might have been even more helpful, is giving a phone number for more specific advice, pointing to times when the museum is less or more crowded (in general) for visitors who might have a preference one way or the other, and pointing these visitors to a way to organize group visits or to correspond with someone on setting up exactly what they need in order to visit & have the same experience as everyone else :)

On the overall, though – it’s a nice, full-frontal tackle of an issue that a lot of institutions and organizations forget about or gloss over! Hip-hip, hooray!


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