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Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Screenshot from the Collecting + Exhibiting Page. CHNM has developed remarkable tools for data curation & beautifully archived exhibits

Just spent 3 hours discussing web tools for digital archives & libraries in school today – #ohyeah. Especially mindblowing are projects at the CHNM, which you can access here. The page on Collecting + Exhibiting and Research + Tools are worth the time (especially Omeka). Other super resources that were shared include:

  • Tagasauris – uses software to determine which meaning a user intended for sites with crowd-sourced tagging (i.e. user tags ‘chicken’: do they mean chicken noodle soup, farm chickens, the chicken dance, or chicken-crossing-the-road jokes).
  • Hiroshima Archive Project – self-described as “a pluralistic digital archive that tells the reality of Hiroshima atomic bomb.”
  • Zotero – a personal research assistant – helps you collect, organize, cite, and share research sources.
  • VoiceThread – multimedia slide show experience with new ways for leaving comments and collaborating among peers.
  • Etherpad –  Collaborative online document writing – Google used the source code to build Google Documents.