**In no particular order

Places I’ve Worked:

Vanderbilt University Libraries, Special Collections & Exhibits
USASearch, General Services Administration (GSA)
Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Archives Center
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Library and Archives
Museo Nacional de Arte, Bolivia
Arab American National Museum
Law Library, University of Michigan
Emerson School, Ann Arbor
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, University of Michigan

Archives, Museums, and Technology:
The Bigger Picture – Smithsonian Institution Visual Archive
Archives of American Art Blog
Know Your Own Bone – Colleen Dilen
Museum 2.0 – Nina K. Simon
Museum Geek – Suse Cairns
Center for the Future of Museums
The Signal: Digital Preservation
Mediated Cultures
Museums and the Web
Digital Preservation – NDIIPP
Asking Audiences – Slover Linett
Museum Mobile – Nancy Proctor
Museum Audience Insight
the Museum of the Future – Jasper Vissar
Museum Insights
Planet Code {4} Lib

Cataloging & Web Tools
GLAM Wiki – Galleries, Libraries, Archives, & Museums
Cataloguer’s Toolbox
Library of Congress Authorities
Art Cataloging, Sherman Clarke
Dictionary of Art Historians
MARC Bibliographic
RDA Toolkit
Museum Analytics
Getty Vocabularies
ArtLex, art dictionary
ARLIS Members’ Online Image Catalogues

of Personal Interest:
Art Fag City – Paddy Johnson
Booooooom! – Jeff Hamada
Infosthetics – Andrew Vande Moere
SwissMiss – Tina Roth Eisenberg
Design Sponge – Grace Bonney
A Cup of Jo – Joanna Goddard
Noble Pig – Cathy Pollack
Oh So Beautiful Paper – Nole Garey


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