Academic Research Papers


Finding Issue with Argument: Pinpointing Oversights in a Grantwriting Analysis

Type: Research Paper on Organizational Theory
Description:  Looking at the article: How Writers in Non-Profit Organizations Develop Grant Proposals by Molly Flaherty Haas, this paper aimed to problematize her argument, framed in a Political-Economy Logical Model, by analyzing it under Feminist Theory.
Course: Social Work (SW) 663: Grant-getting, Contracting, and Fundraising
Date: Winter 2012
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Determining Provenance in Art and Archives: The Case of Nazi Art Looting during the Second World War (1933-1945)

Type: Archival Research Paper
Description: Using the well-known art looting activities of the National Socialist (Nazi) regime during World War II as a case study, the concept of provenance from the archival and art communities are compared and contrasted, where advantages of each are used as points of argumentation to suggest further inter-practice collaboration. The historical lexicons of the principle of provenance and respect des fonds are utilized within the discussion of archival provenance, and the provenance-research processes regarding two specific paintings discovered in the aftermath of the Nazi art looting at prominent United States art museums are analyzed as examples of difficulty in establishing provenance.
Course: SI 580: Understanding Records & Archives: Principles and Practice
Date: Winter 2011
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The Sole of Italy: Assessing the Evolution of ‘La Questione Meridionale’ in the Post-Risorgimento Mezzogiorno

Type: Honors Thesis
Description: What I seek to argue, or establish throughout the course of this thesis is that the representation of the Italian ‘South’ in the post-unification moment was responsible for creating a separate anti-national category as ‘other’ for the South, one that it has maintained throughout the course of history. To back this claim, I analyze the rhetoric of fundamental pioneers of scholarship on the ‘Southern Question’ all of whom have molded Italian and international opinions of the immense region castigated as ‘Southern’ through their discourse and influence. (read more…)
Course: Honors Degree Thesis Submission – Department of History, University of Michigan (2010)
Date: 2009-2010
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