Audience Research & User Behavior

The Information-Seeking Behavior of Art Museum Visitors

Type: Summative Evaluation
Description: Worked with a fellow Master’s student to interview six recent art museum visitors, and probe them about general museum visitation, their most recent visit specifically, and how they access different informational resources about museums (both within the physical institution and online) – (read more…)
Course: SI 551: Information Seeking Behavior
Date: Winter 2012
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A Study in Non-Participatory Observation: Reporting the Information Seeking Behavior of Museum Visitors

Type: Audience Research Report
Description: Visited the University of Michigan Museum of Art three times within a two-week period, spending a total of six hours observing museum visitors in the temporary exhibition room where the current exhibit: Fluxus was on display. Trends, similarities, and differences were noted alongside overheard dialogue and group versus single visitor interaction. The most salient trends and findings were as follows: 1.) visitor demographics varied based on the day/time of the visit, 2.) visitors tended to take directional cues from their peers, 3.) group and single visitors tended to keep a distance from other visitors or parties that they did not know, 4.) media specific to the fluxus exhibit created confusion and spurred interactivity, and 5.) some patrons intentionally avoided particular exhibit thematics. These findings are described in further detail, drawing on user commentary, within the report. Methods, biases, and limitations are also explored.
Course: SI 551: Information Seeking Behavior
Date: Winter 2012
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Libraries as Place: Universities & Controversies in Spatial Design

Type: Research Paper
Description: Discusses the use of space within libraries, the importance of integrating users into decisions of space delegation. Uses scholarly research and previously conducted observation/interview reports and user/audience research at large research universities.
Course: SI 647: Information Resources and Services
Date: Winter 2011
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