Evaluations & Reports

Digitization Quality Analysis: A Look at GoldenThread in Action

Description: Using the Golden Thread Analysis software, we digitized an image on two separate scanners and used both device-level and object-level target measurements to generate data that could be compared across scanners to generate a conclusion about scanning consistency and the value of regular recalibration. When we had gathered and organized the data from each scanner, it was then possible to report on the consistent (or inconsistent) metrics by which different hardware interprets the same image.

In this report we express both what we do and do not know based on a comparative analysis of scanned results using Opto-Electronic Conversation Function (OECF), Spatial Frequency Response (SFR), and Delta E values as our main measurements. This will be discussed first between both scans at the object-level, and then in a subsequent section on device-level reads.

To further discuss these results, we will put the implications of the knowledge delivered by this data to rest in a ‘bigger-picture’ reflection on digitization as a preservation metric. To evaluate information that was accessible as well as what remains unclear to us in this report, we will evaluate the Golden Thread Use and Interpretation Manual version 3.0 at large, and will finally conclude with our overall take-away points gleaned from this project.

Course: SI 675 – Digitization for Preservation
Date: Winter 2012
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IDALCO Proposal: Evaluating and Expanding the World Digital Library

Description: Worked along side a team of two additional Master’s students to evaluate the World Digital Library (WDL) according to a fictional project, where a two million dollar digital library directory proposal could bring together resources to library collections according to a particular thematic or criterion. Our group opted to assess the current WDL, which is an online repository that collects, digitizes, and stores digitized primary resource materials from around the world, and provides them in six languages.

We looked at the content currently included/excluded by the WDL, its users, content parameters, metadata schema (and level of description), plans for file migration, description and classification, user display, searching/browsing functionality, web tools, transparency, and institutional needs (staffing, budgeting, budget plans, development, portable hardware/software, data back-ups, emergency planning protocols), and revamped the existing WDL with recommendations for stronger policies and procedures where they exist, and recommended completely new features and improvements where our evaluation recognized absent functions.
Course: SI 640: Digital Libraries and Archives
Date: Fall 2011
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Archon: Evaluation of an Archival Content Management System

Description: Worked alongside a team of five Master’s students to evaluate a collection in the archival content management systems Archon and Archivist’s Toolkit (AT). We spent a semester ingesting MARC, EAD, and EAC records; creating some from scratch, uploading digital videos and data assets, and analyzing any problems where ingested data was not reflected within the systems. The same was done for data exporting. Our team analyzed the work-flow implications specific to Archon – reporting on its ability to handle different data types, and how those impact an end-user. We established archival file hierarchies, flat files, linked to accessioned data, and more. Our end report focused on problems (or strengths) that we encountered in using Archon over a 15-week evaluation period according to a series of criterion important for archival processing and records management.
Course: SI 629: Access Systems for Archival Materials
Date: Fall 2011
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Project Plan for Digitization: A Structural Manual for Policy Development at the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society

Type: Report | Digitization Plan
Description: Worked with the GWBHS alongside two Master’s students to craft a tailor-made digitization project plan intended for use by the GWBHS so that a digitization protocol, required staff, equipment, preparation, a timeline, cost, and options could be understood in accordance with their own resources, staff, ability, and budget. While giving a nod to best-practices, current software/hardware, and image-preservation protocols, our aim was to explain the need for high-quality digitization, associated metadata schematics, and file migration over time. (read more…)
Course: SI 644: Advanced Preservation Administration
Date: Fall 2011
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Preservation Needs Assessment of the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society (GWHBS)

Type: Report | Preservation Assessment
Description: Worked with the GWBHS alongside two Master’s students and analyzed the museum collections, storage environment, current projects and processes, and evaluated the conditions, expected life-span, and exhibition environment according to best-practice preservation methodology; offered recommendations for repair, re-housing, and environmental controls (including HVAC, dehumidification, acid/alkaline free file folders for photographic collections, digitization for improved online access, levels of light/type of light used in the building, and more)
Course: SI 581: Preservation Administration
Date: Fall 2011
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Evaluation of Records Management at the Skillman Foundation 

Type: Group Project | Evaluation of Organizational Records Management
Description: The Skillman Foundation (Detroit) is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing grants and other funding opportunities to educational initiatives to youth based in Detroit and surrounding communities. Skillman depends upon a shared hard drive (T-drive) for foundation-wide collaboration, but serious problems exist within its organizational structure. The aim of our project with Skillman was to assess the structural difficulties and make recommendations to help them foster technical operations that are more conducive to collaboration and efficiency. (read more…)
Course: SI 501: Contextual Inquiry and Project Management
Date: Fall 2011


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