UX Research

Evaluating the Child Care Daily App: an online childcare system

Type: User Experience Research
Description: Alongside three other Masters students, I spent 15 weeks working with Ann Arbor start-up Child Care Daily App (CCDA), evaluating their online child care web application from the point of view of parent users. CCDA was evaluated through a series of best-practice usability criterion and processes, including:

  • designing an interaction site-map of the web and mobile applications to identify problems/strengths with site-organization,
  • interviewed five current CCDA users about their experience with the application to create personas and scenarios that best represent the product’s users,
  • compared the product with four competitor products with varying degrees of relation (direct, indirect, analogous, and partial) to establish market needs and competitive offerings,
  • tested the application as a team according to Jakob Nielsen’s Heuristic Evaluation strategy methods to pinpoint problems with parent task-workflow,
  • administered a survey to 54 non-current users of the system who rely on childcare and fit the target demographic of our client,
  • and conducted usability tests on the application with five non-current parent users using four developed tasks.

We created five reports and a poster-sized interaction map for the client, each of which provided findings and recommendations according to the aforementioned evaluation methods to help the client improve the product for parent users before its upcoming market launch.

Interaction Site Map

ReportsInteraction MapPersonas and Scenarios, Comparative Evaluation, Heuristic Evaluation, Survey Report, Usability Testing Report
Course: SI 622 – Evaluation of Systems and Services
Date: Winter 2012

*I am under a non-disclosure agreement with this client, and will be unable to display further reports until the working beta model has been finalized and launched for market sale.


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